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Vitamins and minerals — their physiological roles and where you can obtain them

A brain fitness program designed and developed by neuroscientists

Body positivity can stand for more than just social acceptance

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How the media is killing us with statistics

The vested interests in keeping the world obese

Image Credit: dertrick/Pixabay

The untold stories from clinical trials of antioxidant supplements in cancer prevention

Exploring the “exercise paradox” in primate evolution

When it comes to human health, we need to focus on our evolutionary differences rather than our similarities. (Photo Credit: Andre Mouton on Pexels)

As research is simplified to suit a mainstream audience, some things get lost in translation

Illustration: Sean Gladwell/Getty Images

Exercise and the molecular hallmarks of aging

Lessons from our evolutionary past

Jeremy Braude, Ph.D.

Using my experience in research and science communication, I aim to help people make better informed health decisions.

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